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You are planning to sell a work of art or a complete collection? In this case you are at the right address!

Purchase of art & antiques

We look forward to advising you on the sale of art & antiques and promise a discreet transaction. 
Send us a photo and a short description to our e-mail address or use the offer form.
We see ourselves not only as buyers, but also as advisors, and as mediators of original works of art, we also fulfill a cultural task.
The relationship with our customers is characterized by a particularly high level of trust.

Artists in whom we have a special interest

  • Aigner, Fritz
  • Blau, Tina
  • Bresslern-Roth, Norbertine
  • Brunner, Ferdiand
  • Chagall, Marc
  • Charlemont, Hugo
  • Compton, Edward Harrison
  • Compton, Edward Theodor
  • Egner, Marie
  • Enzinger, Hans
  • Fahringer, Carl
  • Fischer, Ludwig Hans
  • Flora, Paul
  • Frank, Friedrich
  • Geller, Johann Nepomuk
  • Helnwein, Gottfried
  • Hollenstein, Stephanie
  • Hörmann, Theodor von
  • Jungnickel, Ludwig Heinrich
  • Kaufmann, Wilhelm
  • Kinzel, Liesl
  • Koch, Ludwig
  • Kokoschka, Oskar
  • Laske, Oskar
  • Lauer, Josef
  • Littrow, Leontine von
  • Lutz, Anton
  • Moll, Carl
  • Moser, Richard
  • Pancheri, Karl
  • Picasso, Pablo
  • Pippich, Carl
  • Pock, Alexander
  • Poell, Alfred
  • Prachensky, Markus
  • Reichert, Carl
  • Richter, Robert Ludwig
  • Rieger, August
  • Russ, Robert
  • Schiele, Egon
  • Schindler, Emil Jakob
  • Staudacher, Hans
  • Stoitzner, Josef
  • Stöhr, Ernst
  • Suppantschitsch, Maximilian
  • Thöny, Wilhelm
  • Veith, Eduard
  • Wacker, Rudolf
  • Walde, Alfons
  • Weber-Tyrol, Hans
  • Wisinger-Florian, Olga
  • Wulz, Erich
  • Zoff, Alfred
  • Zülow, Franz von
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Use the offer form and offer us directly your art & antiques.

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Ankauf von Keramiken - Keramiken verkaufen

We have special interest in ceramics of the following artists

  • Baudisch, Gudrun
  • Bosse, Walter
  • Koloman Moser
  • Klablena, Eduard
  • Klieber, Anton
  • Lorenzl, Josef
  • Löffler, Bertold
  • Peche, Dagobert
  • Powolny, Michael
  • Prutscher, Otto
  • Singer, Susi
  • Werkstätte Hagenauer
  • Wiener Werkstätte
  • Wieselthier, Vally